Friday, November 2, 2012
Queen Brat Designs has struck again!

If you weren't aware, there was a previous dispute with this "designer", and I use that term VERY loosely, where she refused the use of her work to those whose religion she didn't agree with. This alone made me lose any and all interest in EVER purchasing her work.

Recently, Queen Brat purchased an awesome CU Thanksgiving pack from one of my best friends, Jackie from Jackie's Jewels. The pack contains 9 AMAZING templates of GREAT QUALITY and can be purchased HERE from Pimpin PSPers Warehouse for only $1.80! 

Queen Brat was obviously infatuated because not long after her purchase, she created this...

Look familiar?
Of course it does! She ripped off Jackie's designs!

I know, I know. People make the same templates all the time. True. But do they all file a paypal dispute for a refund of their purchase AFTER copying the purchase to damn near every pixel? I think not.
She even jacked the price up to an unbelievable $20! WTF?!
Queen Brat has made minimal attempts to explain or even justify her reason for doing this. Her answer to the problem is to delete all allegations and block/remove anyone who's questioning her misdeed. If that isn't the sign of a guilty conscience, I don't know what is!

Be forewarned! Queen Brat Designs is a PIRATE! This is theft and should NOT be tolerated!
People like her are the reason so many people are leaving the PSP community. This is suppose to be an enjoyable hobby and where's the joy in being taking advantage of and ripped off?

Don't forget! Grab the ORIGINAL CU Thanksgiving Template Pack from Jackie's Jewels HERE at Pimpin PSPers Warehouse. You WON'T be disappointed! 


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  2. Good for you Karra! This SHOULD NOT be tolerated!!

  3. Yep - this is the same twit who bans someone because of their religion then posts a freaking tag up promoting that same religion --- She disgusts me!

  4. Thanks for having my back sweetiekins!

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